5 Important Equipment For Earth Moving Adelaide Construction Sites Can Rely On

As an earth moving contractor, there are certain equipment that are highly necessary for your line of work. Below are five very important equipment for earth moving Adelaide.

1. Excavators:

Excavators are one of the most popular and most used equipment for earth moving Adelaide. They are of many types and are available both on tracks and on wheels. Usually, an excavator is used for digging dirt or lifting heavy materials, e.g. concrete, pipes etc. Other uses of the excavator include digging holes and trenches, demolition, mining, river dredging, and pipe installation. A typical excavator is made of a long bucket arm which is attached to a cab. The cab houses the operator who controls the machine and has a full view of the site. The cab can rotate a full 360 degrees.


2. Backhoe Loaders:

The backhoe loaders are multifunctional equipment for earth moving Adelaide. They are quite similar in look to a traditional tractor, save for the adjustable shovel in front of the vehicle and a bucket arm behind. The cab houses the operator. The controls for the shovel and bucket arm are different, one is located in front while the other is at the back. The backhoe loader has a wide range of function. They can be used to move dirt, clear waste, dig trenches and holes, backfill etc. The backhoe loader is tire mounted, which makes it highly flexible and can be used in urban areas.


3. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are among the most popular and strongest earth moving equipment used in the construction industry. It possesses a flat blade up front that is controlled by two hydraulic pistons. It is normally used to move a large amount of dirt. By virtue of its weight, it can also be used to crush concrete, stones etc.


4. Skid Steer Loader:

The skid steer loader is one of the most valuable and versatile equipment for earth moving in Adelaide that any contractor must have. It is easy to operate, simple in looks yet can be used for virtually any earth moving job. It can be fitted with a different attachment to carry out a wide range of construction work. They can turn in their own footprint, making them ideal for small confined areas. This machine can be used as an alternative to excavators or backhoe loaders when there is no room to accommodate them.

They come in different sizes, with each size having its own work specialization. A small skid steer loader is ideal for landscaping, final grading, and site development. Their wheels have tread system that does not damage finished areas.Large-sized skid steer loaders can be used excavation, drilling, demolition, and grading work.


5. Motor graders:

These are equipment used to smoothen gravel or dirt road. They possess a long flat blade underneath which can be adjusted to whatever angle. Before asphalt is applied, a motor grader is used to prepare the base course.

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