Earth Moving Contractor Adelaide: List Of Necessary Heavy Equipment

We will examine the list of the necessary heavy equipment that are highly useful to a earth moving contractor Adelaide. They are the equipment commonly employed by earth moving experts.

 List Of Necessary Heavy Equipment


Bulldozers – They are regarded as one of the most dependable and heaviest heavy equipment employed by earth moving contractor Adelaide in the construction sector.

Excavators – Excavators are often used to carry huge pieces, pipes as well as other lighter equipment. In general, they are popularly used for demolition, mining, material handling, pipe installation and heavy lifting, digging of trenches, holes and foundations, river dredging amongst others.

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Motor Graders – These are heavy equipment with lengthy blade that’s adjustable to specific angles to arrive at a flat surface. Their uses include fine grading of gravel or dirt roads, to produce sloped surfaces, underground mining and many more.


Backhoe Loaders – They have almost the same features as what’s obtainable with tractors. The difference between backhoe loaders and tractors happens to be the presence of a little bucket (highly useful for digging) located at the back of the former. The major difference is the adjustable shovel at the front of the loader.



The fact that backhoe loaders are tire-mounted makes it a unique equipment for earth moving contractor Adelaide. Backhoe loaders could be used for smaller pipe installation, to dig trenches and move dirt as well.

Trenchers – Like the name implies, trenches are used in digging trenches. There are a lot of trencher makes like small-size operated trenchers, walk-behind modules and many more. In comparison with the other heavy equipment, trenchers are very dangerous. To this effect, they have to be carefully handled to prevent any unpleasant situation.


Dump Trucks – With dump trucks, you can simply move your load in an effective and efficient way. They are found on a lot of construction sites. Whether it’s the regular or off-road dump trucks, they are very useful on majority of the construction sites.

Skid-Steer Loaders – They are considered one of the construction sector’s most versatile equipment. Apart from being easy to operate, skid-steer loaders are very useful in restricted spaces.

5.Crawler Loaders – The crawler loader merges the functions of a backhoe with an excavator. They can be employed to haul material on and off site.

6.Scrapers – You don’t need any extra equipment to transport aggregates and dirt with scrapers. They are mainly used on construction sites with big space. Scrapers are able to function at top speeds to speed up the fill and cut activities.

The aforementioned heavy equipment are the major ones though there are still several others like telehandlers, cranes, forklifts and rollers.

Sourcing Equipment For Earth Moving Adelaide

When it comes to construction tasks, equipment is as important as human and material resources. Your choice of supplier of equipment for Earth moving Adelaide can either make or break your project. So, when choosing the source of your equipment for earth moving Adelaide either for rent or for outright purchase you have to consider the following requirements.

Reference and positive recommendations

A good supplier of equipment for earth moving Adelaide should have several clients so their name should easily ring a bell. Companies like that get over 50 percent of their clients through references.

Experience matters

It is better to choose an earth moving equipment contractor that has been in the business for at least a decade. They often do not sell or lease equipment only, they also include professional guides. They will likely offer different equipment to handle a particular task and put you through the advantages of each of them.

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A contractor with such sales experience would have worked with so many construction companies for so many years that they can comfortably offer some useful tips on construction of different structures. By virtue of their experience, they just need to see what the task is, and they will suggest the best equipment for it.

Availability of the latest equipment

Your equipment supplier should always have all kinds of equipment in stock and most importantly, they should always stock the latest technology driven equipment. Your earth moving services cannot be competitive enough with obsolete set of equipment. Technology advances at top speed these days so your equipment supplier should take delivery of new equipment all most every week. They should also be able to train their clients on the use of new equipment.

Consider variety

In construction, there are ranges of equipment suitable to carry out every task. So, it is better for a reliable equipment supplier to offer a wide range of equipment for every category. Their sales technicians should be able to put you through the pros and cons of every piece of equipment.

Great after sales support

After sales support is very important for this kind of sales, your supplier should have great after sales support. They should be responsive to you any time you run into an issue. Offering some warranty on some of their equipment is a good form of after sales support. You should consider a supplier that offers warranty.

Timely delivery is also a good form of after sales support. A good supplier requires shorter timeframe to deliver equipment and they also exhibit their integrity by delivering equipment at the agreed time. Remember, every construction project comes with a deadline.

Competitive prices

Cutting cost is a good method of maximizing profit. You should also compare prices to get the best deals. A good supplier should offer reasonable prices all the time.

Things You Need To Know About Post Hole Boring In Adelaide

Installing poles around your home does not have to cost you too much money. You can decide to call an expert to help you bore and install the post, or you can do it yourself. The choice is yours. Irrespective of the decision you make you should at least have an idea about post hole boring. If you choose to attempt a DIY, you need to follow these post hole boring in Adelaide steps.

Post Hole Boring In Adelaide

Tools and Materials for Post Hole Boring in Adelaide

The first thing you need to do is get the tools required to create post holes. Some of these tools include:

  • Post hole diggers (Clamshell digger)
  • Tile spade
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Small nails
  • Wooden stakes
  • Permanent markers
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Digging bar
  • String line
  • Hammer
  • Leather gloves

The tools mentioned above are for the manual digging of post holes. To bore post holes faster, you can make use of an auger (drill). An auger is a power tool. So, you will need assistance, overalls and goggles for protection. With all these, you will be prepared to begin your post hole boring in Adelaide.

Preparation and Layout

Soil Consistency

The next thing you should do is to check out the type of soil you are about to bore or dig. You need to check if the soil is clay, rocky or sand.

Check for Underground Utilities

This is a vital part. You need to contact a local utility company to get the underground blueprints of the area you are about to dig to avoid causing any damage. This will let you know which location you can, and you cannot bore.

Marks, Stakes, and Lines

If you are to dig several post holes, measure out their distance (average 2.4m) and mark them out on the soil. Space should be measured based on the proposed structure. Next, check the marked-out areas and link them tightly with the string line. For a single post, you can mark the point out with a flag pole.

Boring the Hole

To finally dig up or bore a post hole, you can use your clamshell digger or rent an auger. Digging with the clamshell digger is a time-consuming process. You need to open the clamshell of the digger and push it into the soil. Close the digger within the soil and pull out the soil portion. Do this repeatedly till you have the required depth.

For the auger, you would need assistance. Place the drill end of the auger on the marked-out place and start your power tool. Drill to the depth you want and repeat it for the other spots. Using an auger makes the process faster.

Studying these steps, you will be able to do this project on your property efficiently. Although the steps take some time, it’s still a good deal since you’d save money.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Trenching Contractor Adelaide Professional

Digging trenches to run a power line, water ways and so many things, can take a lot of time and energy. Trenchers are available for sale and rent to almost anybody, and you can easily acquire one. However, without the technical know-how, you can do more harm than good while attempting to excavate. This brings us to why you need to hire a trenching contractor Adelaide expert for your constructions.

Accurate Costing of  Trenching Contractor Adelaide

Some contractors might inflate the cost of renting a trencher. Even after spending such a ludicrous amount, you might not get the job done well. And that might cost you even more on the long-run. Seeking the services of a reputable trenching contractor Adelaide expert will go a long way to affect not just the quality of your project, but also your finances in a good way.

Experience and Equipment handling

A trenching contractor Adelaide would have gone through several training procedures before getting to the stage of the contractor. You might have read the trencher manual back and forth, and you might have streamed several tutorials, but you still lack the practical experience. These experts know the places you can dig trenches, they know how to manipulate the ground to give you amazing results. You will benefit more from their services, than risking more problems when you do it on your own.

Trenching Contractor Adelaide


The most dread situation during an excavation is a Cave-In. This is one very common incident, and it occurs on several occasions. If you do not have the skill, it is better not to attempt it for your safety. Contractors know much about the dangers faced and how to avert them. Apart from cave-ins, you will also be at risk of drowning in water logged areas, electrocution and exposure to toxins. Your best bet is to seek a professional, who will help ensure your safety and who have all the equipment to avoid excavation hazards.

Rules and Laws

To dig a trench, you must abide by rules and guidelines. There are also sanctions if you do not follow them. A certified trench contractor Adelaide expert is aware of these rules and guidelines governing trenching during constructions, and they work to make sure you do not suffer loss and harassment during your project.

Quality Outcome and Professionalism

You might not be able to get the results you envisioned when you attempt to dig trenches on your own. Skilled Contractors will not only render quality service, but they also exhibit professionalism by working hard to save you money and adding inputs to your designs to get you better results.

In all, hiring a great trenching contractor Adelaide will profit you more than attempting a DIY. In the end, you will be assured a quality and long-lasting service, with enough time conserved for other personal activities.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Earth Moving Contractor Adelaide

Earth Moving Adelaide Contractors specialize in different projects. From small scale to residential construction including landscaping or building driveways, to large scale construction projects like dams and roadways. Earth Moving contractor Adelaide  use heavy equipment like diggers, bob cats, excavators, and other hydraulic powered tools to undertake their range of tasks.

You can hire an Earth Moving equipment with or without an operator (this may depend on whether you will prefer to work with a contractor who’s going to do the work or do it yourself). Using an experienced contractor is worthwhile for people who want to ensure that their Earth Moving projects will be completed swiftly and professionally.

Besides the above benefits, what other advantages engaging the services of Earth Moving Adelaide contractors can provide you? See some of them explained below.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Earth Moving Adelaide Contractors

Sticking With the Estimated Budget

Engaging the services of a professional is cost-effective compared to using an inexperienced operator for Earth Moving. Amateur operator’s do mostly poor jobs. This will increase the budget estimated for the project because the job will have to be redone.

Earth moving contractor Adelaide

Hiring just equipment for your construction project prolongs the time spent in executing the project. This leads to spending more than the amount budgeted for the project. When you hire a top Earth Moving contractor Adelaide, be sure your project is completed with the stipulated amount estimated.

Experience With the Equipment

Experienced operators understand how to use the equipment. Professionals know the equipment, how they function, when to use them and what to use them for. This is ideal compared to hiring the equipment and engaging the services of an inexperienced operator who doesn’t understand how the equipment works or does not know when and where to use the equipment to achieve the best results.

Finishes Project on the Stipulated Time

There are certain factors or events that might delay your project. An inexperienced operator may not know how to manage such situations. A professional will be able to manage situations like that in a way that allows them to finish the project on time.

Therefore, it is advisable to engage the services of an experienced operator if you want your project to be completed on time. Not only completed on time but will be completed within the budgeted amount.

Hold Relevant Licenses

Not all operators have licenses to work with heavy equipment. However, a top Earth Moving contractor who knows what they are doing must have the necessary licenses to work. Therefore, it is advisable to engage the services of operators who have the permission to work with earth moving equipment. This is to avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs during the project execution.


If you need an Earth Moving contractor Adelaide, it is paramount to hire a professional who will execute your projects without any hiccups. The reason for this is because the time spent on the project and the quality of work done can’t be compared to something an inexperienced contractor has completed.

Safety Tips For A Trenching Contractor In Adelaide

Both an experienced and an inexperienced trenching contractor in Adelaide can sometimes make a costly mistake. From the beginning to the end of the contract, you have to educate yourself on the safety of the task. Know your potential safety hazards know the digging condition of the environment.

You should also know the relationship between your prime mover and the trencher attachment.

With this knowledge, you will be able to carry out your operation safely, saving money and time. Trenching work can have a lot of safety issues. Workers in trenches can be prone cave entrapment or hazardous atmosphere.

Employers have to make sure trenches are safe enough for workers to avoid serious injuries or even death. Below are some fundamental rules that a trenching contractor Adelaide technicians need to be cautious of when working in trenches.

Tip #1: Exits

Any excavation that is equal to or more than 4 feet in depth should have an egress method. Egress can be provided by ladder, ramps or any other safe way a worker can exit the trench. An exit method must be situated within 20 feet of any worker. In the case of environmental change or cave in, workers should be able to exit quickly.

Trenching contractor Adelaide

Tip #2: Shoring or Sloping

Any trenching that is 5 feet, and more in depth need a protective system. The only exceptions are trenches that are created in stable, solid rock. Sloping has to do with cutting trench walls at a position away from the excavation’s bottom.

A good trenching contractor Adelaide technician can use other methods. This depends on the depth, soil, water content and climate of the environment. Failing to cater for a trench in this manner may result in cave-ins.

Tip #3: Heavy equipment should be kept away from trench edges

Heavy-duty equipment has to be kept and operated at a minimum of 3 feet from the edge of any excavation. This reduces the tendencies for an operator to get a wrong idea about the distance. They could fall into the trench or the equipment’s weight to bring down the walls.

Tip #4: Testing for Atmospheric Hazard

For any trench that is greater than or equal to 4 feet in depth, an atmospheric test should be performed. The testing is meant to figure out the oxygen content of any other toxic gases or dangerous fumes.

Workers can faint in trenches as a result of low oxygen content. This may have some other effects on their health. This is because of the presence of hazardous fumes and toxic gases.

Tip #5: Find out where underground utilities are situated before you start digging

The location of any utilities under the ground must be known and noted before you start any digging. Cutting into gas or electric utilities can be deadly. Cutting into a water supply can quickly bring down the excavation. Trenching contractor Adelaide experts must follow these simple rules.

How To Choose The Best Methods Of Boring Used For Soil Exploration

Percussion post hole boring Adelaide:

This is a method of post hole boring Adelaide which involves the disintegration of the sub-layer by applying continuous puncture with a chisel. As a result of this, the material is then crushed and transformed into slurry by ensuring enough water is applied into the bore. Consequently, in this method of boring, the slurry is freed from the hole and made to dry for evaluation. This method is declared best fit in sites where boulders exist. This method is disadvantageous for loose sand.

Wash Boring:

This method is most applicable when there are restrained tools. The benefit of wash boring method is the application of cheap and mobile handling and drilling tools.

In practice, this method entails forming an open hole in order to carry out the boring operation beneath the formed hole. This hole is further chopped by twisting process of the light bit. This process is enhanced by water jet by suspending it through pressure from the rods utilized in the hole.

Post Hole Boring Adelaide

This method is suitable for experiment boring that is over 3 meters in depth. This method requires driving a hollow steel pipe into  the ground for a precise depth.

Rotary Drilling:

This particular boring method is applicable in instance of stubborn strata. It is associated with discovering the strata and also to obtain the caliber of rocks from cracks and joints. This method is best fit for sands and silts. This method is similar to wash boring as the bore holes applied are advanced in depth.

Auger Boring:

Auger boring is the best approach if you need a fast and economical method of drilling, it adopts using versatile and cheap instruments for different ranges of holes. This method is not ideal for cemented soils


Borers and post hole boring Adelaide agents frequently survey the best boring methods to apply with the irregularities consistently occurring in the field. Also, many manufacturers are tirelessly working to ensure the safety of their equipments, making it more mobile and user friendly.

Concluding between the various boring methods and the most applicable tools for each operation can be quite easy if the conditions met at every drill site are the same. Many times, the post hole boring conditions in Adelaide change from one drill site to another. Sometime a single post hole boring Adelaide may consist of a range of materials and tools.

Selecting a drilling method occasionally requires a bargain. There are many factors to examine when selecting the most effective post hole boring in Adelaide drilling methods for borehole and drilling in Adelaide.

Hiring A Contractor For Earth Moving Adelaide

There are a few things to consider before hiring a contractor for earth moving Adelaide. Any reliable contractor that handles earth moving Adelaide must have the following requirements. So you should make sure your preferred earth moving contractor Adelaide has all of them.


You must ensure that your prospective contractor for earth moving Adelaide has been in construction and excavation business for a pretty long time. No service provider can be in business for a pretty long time with poor services. Any contractor that has been in business for years must be offering great services.

Another reason to consider experience is that people get better by rendering a particular service over a long time. The more they provide earth moving services the better they get at it. This is why experience often comes with a high level of expertise. So, it is better to consider the most experienced of all your prospective earth moving contractors.

Don’t be surprised if the most experienced contract among them charges the most. Experience does not come cheap. It is better to pay for experience if you can afford it. However, it is not out of place to look for a cheaper option.

Earth moving Adelaide

Ask for past projects

You need to be sure that your earth moving contractor can handle your project. A very good way to do the assessment is to ask for a list of their past projects. Check all the projects they have handled before. Check if there is anyone that is as complex as yours. Seeing more complex projects in the list of their past projects will assure you that they can handle your project. Do not hire the contractor if the company cannot prove that they have handled the type of your project before.

Equipment is important

A reliable earth moving contractor must be well-equipped. In fact, in this type of business, there is little any contractor can do without equipment. A reliable earth moving contractor must have access to some important heavy machines. Some of them are an excavator, a bulldozer, a skid steer loader, a motor grader and a trencher. Some companies have some of these machines in their disposal while others will have to hire them.

Be careful with extremely low quotes

Of course, you will need to get quotes from several earth moving Adelaide contractors, be wary of extremely low charges. It is normal to look out for the contractor with the lowest charges. But in this type of service, you need to stay away from charges that are much lower than average. It is usually a sign of poor services.

You should also watch out for unrealistic turnaround time. Some contractors use it as a gimmick to attract clients. Even if they don’t meet the agreed time frame that earned them the contract, they already have the contract. For more information contact [insert the name of the company]

Common Steps Taken By Every Trenching Contractor Adelaide

Every trenching contractor Adelaide has certain unique qualities in their services. However, the services of every trenching contractor Adelaide have some common basics. The basic steps that every trenching contractor Adelaide usually takes are below.

Permission will be taken from appropriate organization

It is necessary for your trenching service provider to notify the local utility location service before work begins. It is not only to notify them but to also seek permission to carry out the project. It is an offence not to seek permission. Besides, there may be water, electric, communication or gas pipes in the location you plan to dig.

Your contractor will be duly informed if you seek permission. Apart from avoiding the penalty involved, your contractor will avoid trouble by doing the right thing. Digging into gas pipes could lead to explosion. The company that owns the damaged pipes may also file a lawsuit.

They will plan the route

After getting the go ahead to carry out the project, all trenching contractors will plan the route. This is meant to choose the route that will cause the least damage if any. The main purpose of planning the route is to avoid damaging all pipes and valuable properties. It may affect shrubs, trees and plants. Existing driveways, sidewalks and other structures could also be affected. So, route planning is to ensure minimal damage.

Trenching Contraction Adelaide

Contractors will determine the depth of the excavation

Depending on what the excavation is meant for, the depth of excavation is determined. If the excavation is for laying utility pipes, contractors will consider the required utility depth. If the trench is for water pipes, a slope will be needed for seamless flow of water. This means that a part of the trench will be deeper than other parts. This will be considered too.

They will also consider the type of soil they will be digging

Your contractor will also factor in the type of soil in the location. This is important because the type of soil determines the kind of equipment that will be used. Each soil has different digging techniques. This is why every trenching contractor Adelaide will have to consider it.

Excavation begins

Now, all excavation equipment can be brought in as excavation can begin now. The first real step in trench excavation no matter your choice of contractor, is the removal of top soil. Then, deep digging will commence. The equipment will be used to dig to the required depth. To prevent the soil dug out from pouring back inside the trench, it will be taken far from the trench.

Trench excavation is usually a means to an end and not an end itself. Trenches are dug for a particular purpose. The commonest reason for digging a trench is to lay utility pipes or cables. So, after the excavation, the main purpose of the excavation is carried out. Then, the trench will be refilled.

Simplest Method Of Post Hole Boring Adelaide

There are several methods of post hole boring Adelaide. Some big companies use heavy equipment for post hole boring Adelaide if the holes are many and very deep. For fewer holes and holes that are not so deep, an auger is used for post hole boring Adelaide.

Auger is one of the commonest post hole boring tools probably because the steps involved in the use of auger are very simple. As simple as an auger looks, it is very strong and it can used to bore holes through wood, ice and some other kinds of materials.

Since there are several types of auger so the first step is to choose the most suitable one for your task. The four main types of auger are a hand auger, a power auger, a wheeled auger and a tractor auger.

Post Hole Boring Adelaide

A hand auger can be handled by only one or two people. It is difficult to turn its handle so it is suitable for boring only one or two holes. The two people operating it would be very exhausted after boring the second hole.

A power auger runs on an engine. It is easier to use but it is dangerous. If it hits a hard substance like a rock, it will stop working suddenly. The sudden stoppage can break your arm or jerk you off your feet.

A wheeled auger is safer while the tractor auger is the safest. It is the easiest to use and the safest but it is also the most expensive.

You should consider the type of soil through which you want to dig a hole. The number of holes you intend to dig is also a factor to consider in choosing the right auger. The tractor auger is the best. But why should you buy such an expensive auger if you are not into the business of post hole boring Adelaide?

Wear your leather gloves and steel-toes boots

For safety reasons, you should wear your leather gloves and boots before you begin to bore any hole. You might also need to include hearing protection if you are using power auger. Do not wear loose clothes that can be blown by breeze. It could get caught in the auger while in use.

You have to hold the auger upright when you want to bore a hole with it. You can then begin to turn the handle. If you are using a power auger and it stops suddenly, you should quickly release the throttle. As an alternative, you could also press the kill switch to stop the motor.

Finally, you need to continuously bring out the auger to shake off the dirt stuck to its blades. This will prevent the auger from getting stuck in the hole. For more information contact [insert the company name]