Common Steps Taken By Every Trenching Contractor Adelaide

Every trenching contractor Adelaide has certain unique qualities in their services. However, the services of every trenching contractor Adelaide have some common basics. The basic steps that every trenching contractor Adelaide usually takes are below.

Permission will be taken from appropriate organization

It is necessary for your trenching service provider to notify the local utility location service before work begins. It is not only to notify them but to also seek permission to carry out the project. It is an offence not to seek permission. Besides, there may be water, electric, communication or gas pipes in the location you plan to dig.

Your contractor will be duly informed if you seek permission. Apart from avoiding the penalty involved, your contractor will avoid trouble by doing the right thing. Digging into gas pipes could lead to explosion. The company that owns the damaged pipes may also file a lawsuit.

They will plan the route

After getting the go ahead to carry out the project, all trenching contractors will plan the route. This is meant to choose the route that will cause the least damage if any. The main purpose of planning the route is to avoid damaging all pipes and valuable properties. It may affect shrubs, trees and plants. Existing driveways, sidewalks and other structures could also be affected. So, route planning is to ensure minimal damage.

Trenching Contraction Adelaide

Contractors will determine the depth of the excavation

Depending on what the excavation is meant for, the depth of excavation is determined. If the excavation is for laying utility pipes, contractors will consider the required utility depth. If the trench is for water pipes, a slope will be needed for seamless flow of water. This means that a part of the trench will be deeper than other parts. This will be considered too.

They will also consider the type of soil they will be digging

Your contractor will also factor in the type of soil in the location. This is important because the type of soil determines the kind of equipment that will be used. Each soil has different digging techniques. This is why every trenching contractor Adelaide will have to consider it.

Excavation begins

Now, all excavation equipment can be brought in as excavation can begin now. The first real step in trench excavation no matter your choice of contractor, is the removal of top soil. Then, deep digging will commence. The equipment will be used to dig to the required depth. To prevent the soil dug out from pouring back inside the trench, it will be taken far from the trench.

Trench excavation is usually a means to an end and not an end itself. Trenches are dug for a particular purpose. The commonest reason for digging a trench is to lay utility pipes or cables. So, after the excavation, the main purpose of the excavation is carried out. Then, the trench will be refilled.

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