Five Important Trenchers Every Trenching Contractor Adelaide Must Have

A trencher is a construction equipment specialized for digging trenches, which can be used for laying cables for electrical installation or telecommunication, for laying of pipes, for digging drainages or in military trench warfare. Trenchers come in different sizes and they are specialized for different purposes; from small walk-behind trenchers to industrial-sized chain trenchers. Whatever is the purpose of your trench or the size you have in mind, there is always a trenching contractor Adelaide available for you.

Below are five of the most important trenchers that every trenching contractor Adelaide must have;


  1. Walk behind trenchers:

Although they are called walk-behind trenchers, operators actually pull these machines towards themselves, while they walk backward. Walk behind trenchers are specialized for areas that are not so spacious and also if you need to dig a trench with short length. They are used for digging narrow medium-depth trenches of between 3-4 feet. The width of such trenches may range between 4 to 8 inches, depending on the machine. Walk behind trenchers also vary in size, the smaller version use cutting teeth to dig while larger models use chains.


  1. Ride-on trenchers:

Perhaps you want to dig deeper longer trenches, but you are still constrained by space then, a ride-on trencher is what you need. Ride-on trenchers are an advancement over the walk behind versions. They can be used by trenching contractors Adelaide to dig deeper and longer trenches with relative ease and at short time periods. They also come in different sizes. Just as the name connotes, the operator rides on these trenches.


  1. Skid steer loader:

Skid steer loaders are among the most versatile equipment that any contractor must have. A skid steer loader is fitted with the appropriate trencher attachment and can be used for digging trenches.


  1. Chain trencher:

A chain trencher is an industrial-sized trencher that is used by trenching contractors Adelaide for digging trenches for telecommunication lines, electricity lines, drainage and sanitation lines. They appear like giant chainsaws and they are the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option when digging through rocks.

A chain trencher cuts with the aid of a digging chain which is controlled, and revolves around, a metal frame called a boom. The boom determines the depth of the cut. This is by adjusting its angle. The machine utilizes a conveyor belt to remove the excavated materials.


  1. Micro trencher:

A micro trencher is built for work in urban areas. It possesses a cutting wheel that digs trenches with smaller width and depth compared to a chain trencher. They, however, cut harder than a chain trencher. Typically, the width of a trench dug by a micro trencher may range between 1.2 to 5.1 inches with a depth of about 20 inches.

A micro trencher is controlled by radio, meaning the operator does not have to physically control its operations. The micro trencher can dig trenches along a road without damaging the integrity of the road. In addition, they also generate less excavated content. They can work without disturbing vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

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