How To Choose The Best Methods Of Boring Used For Soil Exploration

Percussion post hole boring Adelaide:

This is a method of post hole boring Adelaide which involves the disintegration of the sub-layer by applying continuous puncture with a chisel. As a result of this, the material is then crushed and transformed into slurry by ensuring enough water is applied into the bore. Consequently, in this method of boring, the slurry is freed from the hole and made to dry for evaluation. This method is declared best fit in sites where boulders exist. This method is disadvantageous for loose sand.

Wash Boring:

This method is most applicable when there are restrained tools. The benefit of wash boring method is the application of cheap and mobile handling and drilling tools.

In practice, this method entails forming an open hole in order to carry out the boring operation beneath the formed hole. This hole is further chopped by twisting process of the light bit. This process is enhanced by water jet by suspending it through pressure from the rods utilized in the hole.

Post Hole Boring Adelaide

This method is suitable for experiment boring that is over 3 meters in depth. This method requires driving a hollow steel pipe into  the ground for a precise depth.

Rotary Drilling:

This particular boring method is applicable in instance of stubborn strata. It is associated with discovering the strata and also to obtain the caliber of rocks from cracks and joints. This method is best fit for sands and silts. This method is similar to wash boring as the bore holes applied are advanced in depth.

Auger Boring:

Auger boring is the best approach if you need a fast and economical method of drilling, it adopts using versatile and cheap instruments for different ranges of holes. This method is not ideal for cemented soils


Borers and post hole boring Adelaide agents frequently survey the best boring methods to apply with the irregularities consistently occurring in the field. Also, many manufacturers are tirelessly working to ensure the safety of their equipments, making it more mobile and user friendly.

Concluding between the various boring methods and the most applicable tools for each operation can be quite easy if the conditions met at every drill site are the same. Many times, the post hole boring conditions in Adelaide change from one drill site to another. Sometime a single post hole boring Adelaide may consist of a range of materials and tools.

Selecting a drilling method occasionally requires a bargain. There are many factors to examine when selecting the most effective post hole boring in Adelaide drilling methods for borehole and drilling in Adelaide.

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