How To Get Your Post Hole Boring Adelaide Done Using The Simplest Methods

The methods for post hole boring differs based on the nature of the job and type of soil. Companies engaged in post hole boring Adelaide use either simple or heavy equipment. In situations where the holes to be dug are many, very deep and wide, it is best to use heavy equipment. If the holes are little in number, shallow and narrow, the best equipment to use is the auger.

The use of Auger is the simplest and commonest method of post hole boring. This tool is a strong tool that is simple and easy to use. They are efficient and effective for use in post hole boring Adelaide. They are capable of boring holes in woods and ice. So what are the necessary steps in using this simple method of post hole boring?

Steps in using the Auger for post hole boring


Choose the right Auger for the job

There are many types of auger available but choosing the right one is key to getting the job rig done. The types of auger available are hand, tractor, power and wheeled auger respectively. The hand auger is the simplest whereas the tractor auger is considered as the best. Choosing the right auger requires that you know the extent of work to be done. You should consider factors like the number of holes to be dug and type of soil. These factors are important. You cannot get the job rightly done without using the right auger.


Wear personal protective equipment

Post hole boring Adelaide will expose you to certain risks. Safety is of the essence to protect yourself against harm in this job. So you should always protect your hands by wearing leather gloves. It is necessary to protect your feet injuries by wearing steel-toed boots. If using the power auger, protect your ear by wearing ear muffs or plugs. The aim is to protect yourself against any type of harm. So think about your safety and how to stay out of harm’s way while getting the job done.


Hold the auger in an upright position

In post hole boring Adelaide, the position of the auger during work is important. It is necessary to hold the auger upright whenever you want to dig. This is important no matter the type of auger you are using. This will help you get the right depth of the hole as well as the size. In the case of power auger, it will aid you in releasing the throttle fast enough if it suddenly goes off.


Keep clean

Keeping the auger clean is an essential component of this simple method. This is more a preventive measure and good housekeeping practice. So jiggle off any dirt trapped on the blades of the auger. Do this to avoid the auger from getting stuck during your post hole boring Adelaide.


Although these are simple, you cannot ignore them and thereafter expect a good result.


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