Simplest Method Of Post Hole Boring Adelaide

There are several methods of post hole boring Adelaide. Some big companies use heavy equipment for post hole boring Adelaide if the holes are many and very deep. For fewer holes and holes that are not so deep, an auger is used for post hole boring Adelaide.

Auger is one of the commonest post hole boring tools probably because the steps involved in the use of auger are very simple. As simple as an auger looks, it is very strong and it can used to bore holes through wood, ice and some other kinds of materials.

Since there are several types of auger so the first step is to choose the most suitable one for your task. The four main types of auger are a hand auger, a power auger, a wheeled auger and a tractor auger.

Post Hole Boring Adelaide

A hand auger can be handled by only one or two people. It is difficult to turn its handle so it is suitable for boring only one or two holes. The two people operating it would be very exhausted after boring the second hole.

A power auger runs on an engine. It is easier to use but it is dangerous. If it hits a hard substance like a rock, it will stop working suddenly. The sudden stoppage can break your arm or jerk you off your feet.

A wheeled auger is safer while the tractor auger is the safest. It is the easiest to use and the safest but it is also the most expensive.

You should consider the type of soil through which you want to dig a hole. The number of holes you intend to dig is also a factor to consider in choosing the right auger. The tractor auger is the best. But why should you buy such an expensive auger if you are not into the business of post hole boring Adelaide?

Wear your leather gloves and steel-toes boots

For safety reasons, you should wear your leather gloves and boots before you begin to bore any hole. You might also need to include hearing protection if you are using power auger. Do not wear loose clothes that can be blown by breeze. It could get caught in the auger while in use.

You have to hold the auger upright when you want to bore a hole with it. You can then begin to turn the handle. If you are using a power auger and it stops suddenly, you should quickly release the throttle. As an alternative, you could also press the kill switch to stop the motor.

Finally, you need to continuously bring out the auger to shake off the dirt stuck to its blades. This will prevent the auger from getting stuck in the hole. For more information contact [insert the company name]

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