Here Are Three Uses Of A Trencher you didn’t’ know about

Construction is a huge amount of work which requires a lot of manpower and funding. You can have one less thing to worry about when you have a professional trenching contractor to do the heavy work for you.

Trenchers come in small and large sizes, depending on the job at hand. What they do have in common is the use of metal chain with teeth that tears through the ground rapidly.

Having said that, the “heavy work” describe several tasks that a trencher can be used for including irrigation, landscaping and electrical works. Both businesses and homeowners can use a trencher. The former to lessen the workload and manpower, and the latter to take a break from the pain of shovelling.


The most common use of trenchers is in irrigation. It creates drainage trenches which have  to be deep and long. In the case of using it for a sewage runoff, you still need to provide piping as well, which is why it’s wiser to have a trencher which will do half the work for you.

Before you start the drilling process, you should first know the state of the area you are drilling through to see whether it’s a rock prone area or not, this is because trencher teeth aren’t designed to drill through rocks.

You can never be too sure if there are rocks beneath the ground, which is why you should be cautious when first working on that area. Drill through the ground slowly until you have covered an area enough big area.

If you do hit a rock, stop immediately to prevent damage to the trencher. A professional trenching contractor might charge you if the trencher is damaged or if you’re the lucky, the company might have a forgiveness clause.


When you plan to modify any visible feature of land, it is bound to be a hard job that takes time. Let’s say you want to install sprinklers in the garden, or you want a new swimming pool. You will save a lot of money when you hire a trenching contractor in your local area as these are once-off jobs.

Small alterations like gardening don’t look or feel harmful until you have done it many times and your back and fingers start paining. As mentioned above, there are different sizes for different jobs and it would cost you a small trencher operated by a professional to get the work done at once.

Electrical Work

Electrical work is extremely technical with a lot of dangerous wires hiding behind walls and beneath the ground. With the trencher taking care of the groundwork, they can focus on the main job of installing and securing the power lines using either piping or metal protection.

There are more uses to the trencher and we will happily assist you if you contact us for more information today.

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