Top Reasons Not To Do Excavations And Trenching Yourself

Excavations and trenching

Many people think that excavations and trenching are a simple job. They do not think that the small
job that they have is complex. They feel that they have the skills that are needed to operate the

Excavations and trenching are actually a specialized field. Special training is involved in the operation of
the equipment. A part of that training involves maintenance.
These are the most common mistakes that people make when they think they can do excavations and

The wrong equipment

People rent trenching equipment for dirt but they find rock. They end up paying for the parts of the
equipment that they shatter. They pay more for the added cost of the right equipment to dig through
rock. The cost estimates can quickly double or triple.
This is the worst case scenario. The lack of experience with truly dangerous equipment can cause
permanent injury. Renting an excavator or a backhoe can cost a person their life. The safe operation of
this type of equipment is a learned skill. A person cannot master this skill in a day.
Accidentally discovering electric wires can be a catastrophe. Electricity can destroy machines and men.
Inexperienced people do not know how to look for electric lines before they dig.

Excavations and Trenching | chip and block

Legal Issues

You can face legal issues no matter where you dig. Laws protect animal rights. Laws prevent
contamination of water. Failing to know what the law is can cost a person thousands of dollars in fines.
Some of the environmental laws may even require time in jail.
Property damage
Any work near your building or another person’s building has a potential danger. You can accidentally
damage your own property. Your insurance may not cover the damage. You may have much more
serious costs if you harm a neighbor’s property.
A friend who knows how
Many people have trusted a friend who claimed that they knew how to do the job. The truth was that
the friend did not know how to do the job. You end up losing a friend and money as well.

The work turns out wrong

If you do not know exactly what you are doing then you get poor results. You may get lucky but
chances are you will not. The job will cost you more to repair the work that you did.

Lost time

Time is important to any business or person. Time is crucial to the success of some businesses. Doing
this type of work yourself and failing can be an economic disaster. You may face a lean year at best.
These are some of the reasons you should contact Chip & Block Earthmoving for excavations and
trenching. They have the right equipment and trained professional operators. You only pay once for
safe, legal, results in a timely manner.

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