What Does An Excavating Contractor Do?

What Does An Excavating Contractor Do? Being an excavator contractor requires more
than just hauling dirt from one place to another. There are a lot of other important
roles and responsibilities that are expected of an excavator contractor. Some of their
other important functions include; preparing the site, trenching, grading, etc. These
roles are central to the entire construction process, hence excavator contractors are
usually in high demand.

So perhaps you are asking yourself; what does an excavating contractor do? So you can
get into the field or you are just naturally curious as to what does an excavating
contractor do. Below is a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of an excavator

1. Preparing the site:

In a typical construction site, after the surveyors are done deciding the structure and its
boundaries the excavator contractor comes in to prepare the site. This is done by
removing the layers of the soil to the depth that is appropriate for installing a
foundation. It is also the function of the contractor to carry out compaction tests.
Sometimes using specialized equipment to verify that the soil is firm enough for the
proposed structure.

2. Contracting:

Excavation contractors are mostly business owners who are considered in most cases
as subcontractors. Their jobs usually form a part of a major project. Excavator
contractors usually work under the direction of a general contractor. The general
contractor is the one responsible for soliciting bids and acquisition of projects. The
general contractor will also coordinate timeline as well as pay excavation contractors
after the excavation contractor has finished their part.

3. Moving dirt:

The excavator contractor has access to specialized equipment, which they can either
own or hire, to move dirt. This equipment can be used in the building and grading of
roads and in the excavating ditches for water or gas lines. They can also be used for
digging sewers and ponds and installing flexible pipes below ground. Trenchers are one
of their choicest equipment. This helps in pipe installation below ground without
creating ditches. These contractors can also help in the building of earthen dams and
the creation of terraced drainages.

4. Equipment:

Excavator contractors require heavy equipment for the facilitation of their
responsibilities. This equipment is typically very expensive and can cost a fortune to
insure. Average contractors mostly own or have reliable access to equipment such as
backhoes, trenchers, and skid steers. Other equipment they are expected to own
includes front loaders, bulldozers, and compactors. Aside from all these, excavator
contractors are expected to own their own dump trucks. These trucks will be used for
taking away the excavated dirt from the site to other locations.

It is also important to note that heavy equipment operations are not taught at a trade
school. Therefore, it is usually the duty of the contractors to train any operator they
hire. Or better still, hire skilled operators.

Listed above, therefore, are the answers to the question what does an excavating
contractor do?

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